A laptop, notepad and cup of coffee on a table as part of a client meeting

Client Meeting & Questionnaire

We’ll sit down for a coffee and chat to get a complete understanding of your project and requirements. We run through a set of questions that are tailored to get to the heart of your design needs. We can then go on to create a full brief and costings. Then when all agreed, we’re ready to get cracking!

Draft Ideas & Visuals

Whether it’s a new logo, website, poster or really cool t-shirt – we’ll send you through some rough ideas and various options. You can then decide the direction you’d like to take with the designs and/or make some tweaks.

Two people at a table with laptop and notes discussing the initial web design draft
A small room of people with a presenter showing the new website

Build & Present

When you are happy with the drafts, we’ll start beavering away to create the finished article. We’ll continue to ask for your input, ideas and content along the way. When we’re almost finished we’ll give you any training needed.


We have a big red button with the word ‘launch’ written on it. When you’re 100% happy with everything, we’ll press it and send your new project out to the world!

A space shuttle launching over planet earth - to illustrate the launch of a new website
Jon giving continued support after creating a web site for a customer

Continued Support

For us, our work doesn’t end there. We’ll keep in contact and be on hand for any further questions, help or little amends you need to make. If we’ve built you a website, we’ll continue to monitor it and ensure it’s making friends and influencing people out on the world wide web.